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Stavero is an ecommerce, marketing and distribution company focused on introducing and building new brands in the USA in the FMCG industry.

Stavero = e-commerce + marketing + distribution + FMCG + USA

The company is part of a larger group that has over 30 years of experience in distribution. Our founders are the suppliers to the biggest retailers around the world. So we understand the importance of building a strong distribution network for your brand.

But, the world is moving forward and companies look for ways to be closer to the consumer and give them more value for their money. This is why Stavero was build. We want to leverage the power of ecommerce and smart marketing to introduce your brand to the biggest marketplaces in the USA. We want to show to the consumers in the USA the value that your brand give them.

Our Vision

Make the USA market available to the manufacturers of the world. Any brand, anywhere, can start selling in the USA and make their brand successful.

Our Mission

Help brands develop their presence in the USA and make them known and loved by the US consumers, using e-commerce, marketing and distribution.

Our Values

  • We base our relationship with trust
  • We work with extraordinary people
  • We learn new things every day
  • We act like an owner
  • We focus on results

Our Roots

Export & Import

Stavero is an independent subsidiary of a larger group of companies that are focused on export and import distribution of FMCG products.

Our founders have over 30 years of experience in the FMCG distribution industry and are the suppliers to the biggest retailers around the world. With customers in over 100 customers.

Our Founders

A Family Company

STU_2466 800 px

Wiktor Sawosz


Wiktor has been in the business for over 30 year. He is a serial entrepreneur. He created Brand Distribution Group that acts as a key supplier for European brands to consumers all over the world. Wiktor also founded the first ecommerce supermarket in Poland, which he sold back in 2016.

piotrsawosz 800 px

Piotr Sawosz

Founder & CEO

Piotr has been in the family business since the day he was born. During his time at Brand Distribution Group he noticed that manufacturers that succeeded in their markets, want to expand their success in other countries. His dream was to live in the US.